Getting involved with our union changed my life. Learning about my rights as a unionized worker and how to fight for them has driven my passion for our union. The more I learned, the more I shared. It’s this passion that keeps me going 9 ½ years later. I am so honoured that in addition to serving you as one of your ETT Executive Officers, colleagues around the province had the confidence to choose me as one of your ETFO Executive Members this past summer.

Through member education and coaching I have watched members truly raise their expectations and take their working conditions into their own hands. They have been willing to advocate for themselves, and others, and build solidarity in their schools while increasing their involvement in our union. Being a part of this has been inspiring and kept me going over the years.

Our union means so much to me and as a member of your ETT Executive, my goal is to see us grow in our strength and collective power. I ask for your vote so that I can continue this work with you.

Labour Involvement

As a member of the Campaign For Public Education, I have worked with other education affiliates (CUPE 4400 & OSSTF), as well as TDSB trustees to promote and defend public education. This work has involved:

  • serving on an Election Planning Committee to select trustee candidates;
  • creating a campaign, during the 2018 provincial election, to address the issue of crumbling school infrastructure.

Over the years, I have been an ally to members of other unions; standing in solidarity with them on their picket lines and at their job actions. I’ve also been asked to speak about my experiences in labour on panels and as a keynote at various union events.

I am a skilled workshop creator and facilitator. I have created leadership workshops for: The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council (TYRLC). I was also an ETFO Women in Action facilitator.

I am a delegate to the TYRLC and served as a member of their Equity Committee. I’ve been a member of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Workers of Colour Committee for years and served as the OFL VP Workers of Colour Alternate. Most recently I served as the Credentials Committee Chair at the 2019 OFL Convention.

Community Involvement

I have been involved in community development and advocacy in Scarborough for many years. This advocacy began with TYRLC’s Respect Scarborough in 2012. I was part of a group of passionate union and community members working to advocate for better jobs for Scarborough Residents. Currently I work with 1LoveMalvern and their transit subcommittee: Connect Sheppard East. As part of a coalition with Scarborough Transit Action and TTC Riders, we are advocating for accessible and rapid transit that connects the most easterly part of Scarborough to other areas of Scarborough and downtown. Also, I do civic engagement work for the area with another group in Malvern, 42 Voices. Most recently I’ve started working with the Scarborough chapter of ACORN to help tenants advocate for their rights and to push for more affordable housing in Scarborough. I also do work in Scarborough with $15 and Fairness.

My vision for the next two years

I will continue to:

  • support members and help them to deal with issues of: workload, equity, violence and intimidation. I’ve had success in helping members to develop the skills to directly influence their working conditions and change the environment and tone in their schools.  
  • use the skills that I have acquired to develop and encourage new leaders.  This term I had the opportunity to be a femtor to new Executive Members. I was also able to recruit and help develop some amazing new stewards. I also challenged myself by developing new workshops: lobby training, TPA/NTIP, political engagement 101. 
  • work with community members, activists and leaders, locally and globally, to build power and win bigger social fights.  True democracy requires helping each other to challenge the status quo. We can only make change by working as a collective to address issues which affect the daily lives of our families, friends, colleagues and communities.
  • soutenir les enseignant(e)s du français langue seconde.  J’ai fait partie de la création du comité de FLS. On a offert des ateliers et des conférences bien accueillis.  Ce comité n’existe plus mais on a maintenant un comité de FLS Ad Hoc engagé de l’action politique. Des programmes de FLS et le financement pour l’enseignement de FLS sont en train d’être coupés. Il est temps pour les enseignants de FLS de devenir plus politiques et de s’adresser à notre conseil scolaire et au gouvernement provincial pour arrêter ces coupures. L’avenir de nos élèves et l’avenir des enseignants de FLS dépendent de nos actions!