Felicia Samuel (She/Her) is a determined educator who has worked as a French immersion elementary teacher in the Peel and Toronto school boards, and right in the heart of Scarborough-Rouge Park at Emily Carr PS. As a fierce and principled leader, she was elected by her peers to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario in 2019, and won ETFO’s Political Activist Award in 2019 for her outstanding work. 

Felicia was elected as the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Worker of Colour VP alternate for 2015-2017 and continues to serve as a member of the committee. Across the region, she supports workers in their fight for fair wages and better working conditions. 

Felicia is active in the Scarborough-Rouge Park community through her involvement in: ACORN’s Scarborough chapter, Connect Sheppard East in a coalition with Scarborough Transit Action and 42 Voices. She was the Ontario NDP candidate in 2018 and in 2022, she will carry the banner in Scarborough-Rouge Park.

“The global pandemic has brought the inequities in our society front and centre. For many community members and small business owners of Scarborough—Rouge Park, the struggle to make ends meet has become increasingly challenging. The NDP will make overdue investments in education, health care, homes people can afford, and a post-pandemic recovery that prioritizes families like ours in Scarborough. I’m joining Andrea Horwath’s New Democrat team again for 2022 because it is time for an NDP government, a team that will be devoted to making a real impact on the lives of the people in my community.” - Felicia Samuel

“Felicia is a fantastic addition to the NDP team as Andrea Horwath and Ontario’s New Democrats plan to form government in 2022. Together, we’re going to help Scarborough families who have suffered for too long under Liberal and Conservative governments that allowed our long-term care facilities to become understaffed and run down, our hospitals to be overcrowded and our children’s schools to be underfunded. Under an NDP government, families can expect high-quality health care instead of waiting in hospital hallways. Seniors can expect help to stay in their homes for longer instead of getting warehoused in institutional long-term care homes that don’t allow them to stay connected with their culture. And parents can expect affordable, non-profit child care and small class sizes instead of mortgage-sized monthly daycare costs and crowded, crumbling classrooms.” - Scarborough Southwest Ontario NDP MPP Doly Begum

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