Dear colleagues,

Thank you for trusting me to serve as one of your ETT Executive Officer for the past 9 years. It has also been my honour to serve as a member of your ETFO Provincial Executive since August. I have served you by:

  • Defending you when you have found yourselves in difficult situations with administrators;
  • Visiting your schools almost every day and responding to your inquiries in a timely manner;
  • La mobilisation des enseignant(e)s de FLS pour traiter de questions concernant les conditions de travail et du financement transparent pour les programmes de francais langue seconde;
  • Creating and delivering workshops on: union leadership, NTIP/TPA, union basics etc.;
  • Standing with you at rallies and demonstrations;
  • Representing you and advocating for you at meetings with educational partners, community groups, labour affiliates and politicians;
  • Continuing to work on member engagement and participation in our union so that we can be the powerful force that is expected of the largest ETFO teacher local.

Due to our current job action we are becoming more active in our union. We are feeling empowered to take a stand with this government and defend public education and our rights. When this fight is overwe will need to continue this momentum as we demand safer and more respectful schools. We have a lot of work to do together and I won't back down!

For more information about me and to see my work over the years please take a look at my Twitter: 

— Felicia

Local & Provincial Experience

  • ETFO Executive Member
  • ETT Negotiations Team Member ETT Strike Team Member
  • ETT Committee Liaison:
    • Elections
    • French as a Second Language
    • Political Action
    • Community Outreach
    • Labour Education and Leadership
  • ETFO Women in Action Facilitator
  • ETFO ASWR Workshop Co-creator & Co-Facilitator
  • ETFO Selection Committee Member
  • ETFO Representative Council Delegate
  • 2019 ETFO Political Activist Award

Community & Labour Experience

  • Ontario Federation of Labour
  • Worker of Colour VP (Alternate)
  • Ontario Federation of Labour Worker of Colour Committee Member
  • Toronto & York Region Labour Council Worker of Colour Committee Member
  • Toronto & York Region Labour Council Delegate
  • 1LoveMalvern Member
  • Connect Sheppard East/Scarborough Transit Action Coalition Member
  • 42 Voices Committee Member
  • ACORN Toronto (Scarborough Chapter) Member
  • Campaign for Public Education Member