As residents living in Scarborough, we often feel like we are being left behind, or put out in the cold! It’s time that YOU have a strong voice at City Hall, making sure that Scarborough is not forgotten or ignored, and getting the respect that we deserve.

I commit to:

  • Working on Scarborough’s needs: Be it basic infrastructure, growing our economy with good jobs, accessible public transportation, affordable housing, quality, affordable child care; Scarborough needs must be heard loudly and clearly;
  • Involving my local community: Talking to community groups and neighbourhood associations, making it easy for local residents to share their thoughts on municipal policies and procedures. This includes real conversations with concrete actions to address issues of community safety, which doesn’t involve over-policing of our neighbours; 
  • Championing your voice: This is Our City, and Our Community. It will be my job to make the time to talk to you, and make it easy for you to participate in sharing your thoughts, opinions and ideas on building an inclusive city that serves the needs of Scarborough.

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