Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it is time that we celebrate Scarborough as a part of Toronto, proudly and loudly. But we have structural needs, community needs, and financial needs that require serious attention and action.

I commit to:

  • Accessible transit: Support the construction of rapid transit infrastructure IMMEDIATELY and create local jobs for local residents at the same time! By building LRT networks that will connect to existing and new subway stations, we can get more people moving quickly and more efficiently to jobs, to local businesses and back to their families.
  • Local economy growth: Developing local financial and tourism industries is a priority that will create good jobs for residents,  make local businesses more successful and showcase the beautiful diversity of Scarborough;
  • Safe Neighbourhoods: By placing focus on community and the residents who live here, from our children to our seniors,  our neighbourhoods will become safer, accessible and better serviced. This includes improved: parks and recreation, waste management, snow removal, public libraries, and more! The City needs to work for the residents, making their lives easier, happier and healthier – all of which begins with residents electing a strong voice to speak for them at City Hall.

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