Vision 2022

In the role of Vice President, my main goal will be for us to form government in 2022!

Our party must be reflective of the voting population. A diverse membership is the only way we can truly change our outcome at the polls. Since the cuts by the current government are so deep and widespread, people are more willing to hear the Ontario NDP vision for the province. Organizing and mobilizing must be our top priority in order for our core values and messages to be understood by the general public. By having genuine conversations with our family, friends and neighbours we will bring more people in. As we listen to people and continue to develop progressive and bold policies our NDP can become THE viable option in the minds of voters.

I am an accessible and hands-on leader who strives to empower others so that we can build together. My union work has given me the skills to effectively build and advance the goals of an organization, and its members. My community work continues to help strengthen and amplify residents’ voices so that we work towards getting the respect and change that we need and deserve. I would be grateful for the opportunity to work with the ONDP Executive and Party as a whole so that we can be unstoppable in 2022 and beyond.

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